Terms & Conditions

1.1. This membership agreement ("Membership Agreement") is located in the center of the DP on the Member of the Member of the Board of Directors of biofidan Tarım ltd.şti ("DP") and a Member ("Member") located at ömerli a. to determine the conditions for the use of the Services.
1.2. The DP and the Member shall be hereinafter individually referred to as "the Party" and "Parties" in this Membership Agreement.
2.1. DP operates the online e-commerce platform, www.ban.com.tr, and is a virtual provider of communications, business providers, manufacturers, consumers, consumers, commercial and non-commercial organizations that accelerate communication and business processes, increase productivity and save financial resources. in a marketplace; DP is not a vendor of any product or service on the Website and is an intermediary service provider pursuant to Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce.
2.2. In accordance with this Membership Agreement, the Member wishes to become a member of the electronic trading platform named by www.
2.3. The purpose of this Membership Agreement is to determine the conditions for the use of the Members and the determination of the rights and obligations of the Parties from the Services provided by the DP or DP's partner on the Website. By the acceptance of this Membership Agreement by the Member, the Member agrees, declares and accepts that he / she has accepted all kinds of statements directed to the Services, use, contents, applications, Members and users submitted by the DP in the Website and commits
2.4. For the avoidance of doubt, this Membership Agreement is only between the Parties and includes the terms and conditions for the Services submitted by DP to the Member. The relationship between Members and Resellers is not covered by this Membership Agreement and DP is in no way responsible for the relationship between the Members and the Vendors. Members shall be able to search for their rights in relation to the transactions to be performed from the Virtual Store in accordance with other laws, including the Law on Protection of Consumers No. 6502, against Sellers.
Privacy Policy Members who have access to personal data and cookies on their personal privacy, including the personal data they transmit through the Website, and the ways in which they are used by the DP, and which are accessible via the Website at www.ban.com.tr refers to the text.
My Account Page refers to the Member specific page that can be accessed with the username and password specified by the Member concerned that the Member can perform the necessary actions to take advantage of the various applications and services available on the Website, enter his / her personal information and the requested information on the application basis. .
Expresses the practices put forward by the DP in order to enable the Members of the Service to carry out their work and operations defined in this Membership Agreement.
The Virtual Store refers to the virtual space DP has allocated to the Vendors in accordance with the DP procedures and rules on the Website and where the Vendors have the opportunity to publish their advertisements consisting of content and images for the sale of one or more products and / or services.
The seller refers to the legal entity / real person who is a member of the Seller within the scope of the Seller's Agreement and which submits a variety of products and / or services on the website through advertisements posted on the Website.
Member DP refers to the real person who is a member of the Website within the scope of this Membership Agreement and buys the products and / or services offered by the Seller in the form of advertisements on the Website.
Www.ban.com.tr, which is owned by DP and which DP is presenting on the Services specified in this Membership Agreement, means the website and mobile applications (mobile application includes mobile site) with the domain name.
4.1. In order to earn the membership status, the user who wants to become a Member has to approve this Membership Agreement on the Website, fill in the information requested here with correct and up-to-date information, the application of the Membership must be evaluated and approved by the DP. be searched for. Upon completion of the approval process and notifying the Member, the membership status starts and the Member thus obtains the rights and obligations specified in this Membership Agreement and the relevant places of the Website. Provide accurate and up-to-date information when filling out this Membership Agreement